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When he first heard Steely Dan back in the 70’s, David’s curiosity and imagination were sparked and have been captured ever since. Intrigued by paradox, irony, and the essence of the music itself, David, a bright and nerdy kid by nature, felt right at home with the music of Steely Dan. A dedicated piano player since an early age, David’s musical preferences spanned a wide spectrum of genres. It’s no surprise that David was at ease with the unique and iconic jazz/funk/rock/blues grooves of Steely Dan. (Click here for more about David)



Fast-forward to early 2014, David’s day profession crossed paths with that of a kindred spirit. Mike Staples, like many guitar-playing teens of the 70’s, was inspired by the likes of great rock guitar legends and subsequently learned every lick he would come across. Even today, it is unusual to find Mike without a guitar in hand. Over time, Mike’s musical taste expanded to the world of jazz and funk. It came as no surprise that Mike and David shared the same vision. (Click here for more about Mike)


With this discovery, Mike and David sought a “glamourous” adventure to complement their day jobs. However, they knew full well that creating a band dedicated to the music of Steely Dan would be anything but glamourous. Untold hours of hard work and patience, a few disagreements along the way, and unwavering commitment were a given. More importantly, even if it ain’t glamourous, at least it’s fun. Glamour Profession, borrowing from Steely Dan’s song, plays well into the underlying irony.



David also realized that others deeply admired and appreciated the music. At a jam session, Jean Hupé noticed the Steely Dan chordal influences of David’s playing. Jean, a talented and multi-faceted drummer, was similarly drawn to the intricate musical arrangements and, most of all, to the funky syncopated signature grooves of Steely Dan. Naturally, a conversation ensued and then Jean joined Glamour Profession in early 2015. (Click here for more about Jean)



The Ottawa music community is more interconnected than one would think. Mike knew of a gifted musician, Daniel Chavolla, who is no slouch himself. A seasoned and versatile bass player, well-versed in jazz and funk, Daniel felt right at home with his “otha funk brothas from anotha motha.” The funk, especially the Chuck Rainey bass lines, and the compelling yet playful harmonies are what drew Daniel to the music. Daniel and Jean, groove soul mates, are key to ensuring that the grooves are solid and provocative. (Click here for more about Daniel)


When Glamour Profession needed another talented vocalist to bring out those rich harmonies in Steely Dan arrangements, former band member Jozee Devoua instantly thought of her friend, Sue Turpin. A multi-talented Ottawa-area musician who is also a fine guitarist, Sue sings the high notes while playing rhythm guitar and adding percussion. When asked to join Glamour Profession, Sue couldn’t pass up the exciting opportunity to be a part of this remarkable convergence of talent. Sue brings her wonderful brand of energy, enthusiasm, and humour to the band – a perfect match for the music of Steely Dan.

(Click here for more about Sue)


LeeAnn is the most recent band member to join Glamour Profession. Although relatively new to the band, LeeAnn is clearly a veteran of Rock & Roll, Soul and Funk music. When she first discovered Elton John’s Captain Fantastic and The Brown Dirt Cowboy and listened to it again and again...and again, 8 year old Lee Ann knew she was destined to belt out her hearty pipes. A mainstay of Ottawa’s live music scene, LeeAnn has played guitar and sung lead and backup vocals for several well-known local bands. Attracted to the beautiful and surprisingly complex harmonies of Steely Dan, LeeAnn joined Glamour Profession to inject her soulful alto brand to the mix. LeeAnn began as one of Glamour Profession’s most ardent fans to become a highly valued member.

(Click here for more about LeeAnn)



The STARS and our very own mascots! While they remind us that the glamour side of playing in the band can be a dog’s breakfast at times, it can also be playful and mischievous. And, as luck would have it, they bear an uncanny resemblance to Donald Fagen and Walter Becker. (Click here for more about Ozzie & Oscar)

JOZÉE DEVOUA (Past Member)


Glamour Profession was lucky enough to have jazz singer Jozée Devoua join us as a vocalist and keyboardist for about two years. For more information about her latest musical endeavours, go to

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