Join us at Bar Robo on Saturday November 19, 8:00 pm!!

Tickets $20 in advance, or $25 at the door. Get your advance tickets here!

Surrender to the captivating grooves of live Steely Dan music — played the way it’s meant to be heard and experienced! See you soon!

Welcome to GLAMOUR PROFESSION! We are an Ottawa Canada-based band committed to the music of Steely Dan.

Check out our video — recorded live in-concert!

Our mission is three-fold, to honour the unique and sophisticated sound and spirit of Steely Dan, to enthral new and existing fans, and to have a great time in the process.

We receive great praise from our amazing audiences!

Since January of 2016, we’ve been delighting audiences with the slick jazz/rock sounds of Steely Dan. Here’s just some of the wonderful comments we’ve received:

Polished, crisp, soulful and fun! …If you’re a lover of Steely Dan, Glamour Profession is a must see! I will…. Do It Again!” — DC

If you are a Steely Dan fan in any way, you really oughta try to see these guys…” — DM

A Great Performance indeed!! The only problem was…. it ended.” — SK

Great playing and tight band!” — GB

I thoroughly enjoyed the Glamour Profession concert Saturday evening.” –GV

Fantastic show Saturday night …. we all had a great time.” — DM

What a great show – thank you.” — TR

Great show tonight ….. really tight.” –PB

You NAILED it! Great show! Loved it!” — AC

It was terrific! Still reeling in the hours after the show…” — ASC

“Fantastic show everybody! We were all blown away. — SM

“So intricate… truly well done. — DC

“Great show! When are you guys all moving to LA?? 🙂 — DM

“What an amazing show! — DB

“WOW. WOW. WOW… INCREDIBLE. Ten talented musicians recreating Steely Dan. — KF

“Yet another awesome performance! — PL

“Your band was amazing! — LS

“Music was tight, we really enjoyed it. — GM

“Congratulations on another great show… — BT

“Wow. Blown away by your presentation tonight of the Steely Dan tunes. — DS

And there were many more kind comments… It was a pleasure to perform for such a wonderful audience!






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